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François de Poilly Minchiate


Image of François de Poilly Minchiate

François de Poilly was a 17th century engraver by trade and created this Minchiate deck consisting of 97 cards.

There are 56 cards that are like current playing cards (with royalty -- Valet, Cheval, Dame, Roy plus 1-10 pips) as well as 41 Major cards & Monmus.

You have two buying options:

** 57 cards -- (royalty + additional 41 Major cards) or
** 97 cards -- (the complete deck with including the pips)

When Caitlín Matthews received her deck, she described it, "Francois de Poilly Tarot: a 17th century French Minchiate with a difference. The suits are French, the courts are from Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. We have the 5 senses, the ages of man, the months with zodiacal sign and a few other lovelies like the Gods. The cards are perfectly sized for my hands being Lenormand sized. I am very happy indeed."

It is bridge size, 2.25" x 3.5" printed on premium card stock and comes in a sturdy plastic case