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Mlle LeNormand's Wahrsagekarten der Engel


Image of Mlle LeNormand's Wahrsagekarten der Engel
  • Image of Mlle LeNormand's Wahrsagekarten der Engel

Here's another antique restoration of unknown origin. It is probably from Germany because the central word in the labels is in German; the others are French and English with a couple of misspellings. I named it Wahrsagekarten der Engel (German, for Angel Fortune Telling Cards), for lack of a better title, because there are a few cards featuring angels. See the Star card in one of the images. The Gentleman and Lady are dressed similarly to the ones in the Daveluy deck which would put it in the mid-1850s to 1860s so it looks to be a very early deck.

Something else that makes this deck unique is that some of the cards have some definite disasters depicted in the drawings. In the Ways card is a crashed horse drawn carriage with the horse rearing; the Mountain shows a casual hiker in the background with a character lurking unseen in the foreground behind a rock with a weapon in hand; and the Clouds show a hot air balloon and some of the ropes holding the basket are severed with the passenger falling out! Yikes!

Like almost all the Lenormand decks I have worked on, this one has 2 Lady and 2 Gentleman cards. It had no back design but I found one I think is suitable. I hope you like it.

This deck is printed on premium casino-style card stock that feels wonderful in hand and comes in a tuck box.

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Card size is 2-1/4 x 3-1/2"

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