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Sumada's Lismon Etteilla Tarot -- Restored -- c.1890


Image of  Sumada's Lismon Etteilla Tarot -- Restored --  c.1890
  • Image of  Sumada's Lismon Etteilla Tarot -- Restored --  c.1890

With all the character of his original deck, the reproduction of this distinctive deck is from Sumada's private collection.

This striking 78-card deck was hand-colored, not always inside the lines, and there is foxing around the outside edges of the cards. There is been some cleanup on the cards but they still contain many of the blemishes and spots on them from their former life, and possess the original back design.

There has been minimal restoration on them so don't expect an altered, modern version of the cards. They are as close to original as you are likely to find, for you to admire and enjoy, but with silky card stock that invites use.

This deck contain 80 cards. In addition to a title card, the original deck had and error in spelling on the 10 Temperance card. It was printed as "Temperature" so to be historically correct the card is included, with a corrected version, "Temperance."

If you would like to see what these unique cards look like, here is a slide show of all the majors, the aces and a couple others. Unlike the pointy ones in the slide show, the finished cards have rounded corners.

The tuck box has a facsimile of the label from the original box.

I have seen a couple of these original decks around the 'net and each of these blue bordered decks is hand colored and they are very different from one another. I knew nothing of the history cards except that they were very distinctive and Sumada offered some information about the printing process. He explained, "the total image is built up from separate components. In this case (comparing the same 2 cards from 2 different decks) the lower secondary image is not the same on both cards of the same number. In fact one of the lower images does repeat, but on cards of a different number! I am stressing this point to demonstrate that there is no such thing as a definitive Etteilla II deck. Every print run is actually unique."

This version of the Ettiella is referred to as the Lismon, a follower of Ettiella and the deck's publisher, according to "A Wicked Pack of Cards", vol 1 of the definitive history of the origins of the Occult Tarot by Dummett, Depaulis and Decker.

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This distinctive antique deck is printed on premium stock and is standard tarot card size, 2-3/4" x 4-3/4".