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Aster Breo's Teuila Fortune Telling Cards -- 1899/1923


Image of Aster Breo's Teuila Fortune Telling Cards -- 1899/1923

This old deck that is in miraculously great condition is from Aster Breo's private collection. Originally published in 1899, hers is from 1923. Pronounce Teulia: TOO - wee - la.

You read these cards similarly as Lenormand cards, in combinations.

Originally published in 1899 this deck has 45 cards with an additional 7 cards containing the instructions. The drawings are tasteful and sophisticated. The instructions are very understandable and logically presented. Her method is completely unique and effective. You'll love this little deck.

The deck's creator, Isobel Field, was an artist and writer who had a long and exciting life. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1858.

She lived for a time in Hawaii when she was married, briefly, to artist Joseph Strong. While they lived in Hawaii they became friends with King Kalakaua. In her autobiography, "This Life I've Loved," she says, "When the Queen gave a garden party at Iolani Palace, often for the benefit of some charity, I was always asked to tell fortunes. On the backs of my calling cards, I had drawn and painted little symbols - a horseshoe for luck, a bee to signify work, a heart for love, etc. These cards were the beginning of my Teuila Fortune Telling Cards . . ." https://archive.org/details/thislifeiveloved00fielrich

After her divorce from Strong she moved with her son to Samoa where her mother lived with her second husband, author Robert Louis Stevenson. According to an article in the Santa Barbara Independent from 2012, "The Samoans named her “Teuila,” which means one who can bring beauty out of ugliness." The teuila is also the national flower of Samoa.

Here are the lovely cards she created and used.

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