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Vandenborre Tarot c. 1780


Image of Vandenborre Tarot c. 1780
  • Image of Vandenborre Tarot c. 1780

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According to what I have found, the Vandenborre tarot, also known as Flemish Tarot and Tarot Flamand was first published in Brussels, Belgium in 1770 or 1780, depending on which account you read. Like the Marseille tarot deck, this one has illustrated majors and the minors are pips.

A few of the cards have interesting substitutions for the familiar majors. It seems that the deck's creator had little reverence for religious leaders because the High Priestess has been replaced by L'Espagnol Capitano Fracasse. A side note about this card , from The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol. I, Kaplan explains "Capitano Eracasse [The Spanish Captain] appears to be based on the character of Captain Fraccasse in the French version of the Commedia dell'Arte. He is a stock character, a braggart and swaggering soldier in the tradition that extends back to Greek and Roman satire." And the Hierophant's place in this deck is occupied by Baccus

Another interesting card is the Hanged Man. This Hanged Man is hanging right side up in the original. I also made an upside down hanged man because it annoyed me to have him right side up. So there are 2. You can use the upside down guy for a bookmark, if you like.

The Tower is now La Foudre (Lightning) There are also assorted misprints in the text and misspellings and grammatical errors. But these add to the charm of this unique deck.

This deck comes in a tuck box, is printed on premium card stock and is standard tarot card size, 2-3/4" x 4-3/4".

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