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Viéville Tarot -- c. 1643-1664


Image of Viéville Tarot -- c. 1643-1664
  • Image of Viéville Tarot -- c. 1643-1664
  • Image of Viéville Tarot -- c. 1643-1664
  • Image of Viéville Tarot -- c. 1643-1664

The Viéville tarot, one of the earliest tarots, has a few trumps that diverge from the ones that we are accustomed to seeing. The numbering is different from the more standardized later tarots and the trumps are unnamed; Justice is 7, Chariot is 8, Hermit is 11 and 16 is Le Foudre and the Star is illustrated with a character who looks like an astronomer. And, oh my, what an angry Sun.

The rich purples have been restored and the “ghosts” that appear on some of the cards remain.

The cards are made for people who plan to use their cards often. They are printed on modern day, casino grade card stock (black core, 320 gsm) that can be riffle shuffled and feels wonderful in hand and come in a tuck box. Standard tarot card size, 2-3/4" x 4-3/4" .

Each deck is specially ordered just for you and mailed directly from the printer. You should receive it in 3-4 weeks although probably sooner.

First, I accept NO CANCELLATIONS or refunds because each deck is specially ordered for you; once the order is sent to the printer, I cannot cancel it and so it will be delivered to you. If more than one deck is ordered, there is reduced shipping for the additional decks.

This is a facsimile reproduction or a restored reproduction of actual cards or period art (the Papus and 1926 Wirth decks). There is no accompanying instruction booklet but may or may not contain instructions or information on additional cards. The card stock is made to be shuffled and used and, as such, may be a disappointment to "collectors" but will delight aficionados who use and appreciate the art of antique decks. Since each deck is made to order please be patient. Your deck will be ordered immediately but may take up to 3 to 4 weeks to arrive, internationally 3-7 weeks.

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There are some locations where I will not ship via regular mail including Mexico and Brazil because regular has gone missing. If you are from the countries with known unreliable postal systems, sorry, I will return your payments. If you are serious about wanting the decks we can make other arrangements,