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Wüst Bourgeois Tarot, c. 1890


Image of Wüst Bourgeois Tarot, c. 1890
  • Image of Wüst Bourgeois Tarot, c. 1890
  • Image of Wüst Bourgeois Tarot, c. 1890

These gorgeous cards are from the "Bourgeois Tarot" first produced by the Wüst company in Germany around 1865, this copy from c. 1890. The original design of this deck was originally from c. 1865 as can be seen in trump #4 where you can see the clerk's calendar.

This deck is tarot size, as is the original, and contains 4 French suits of 14 cards each with King, Queen, Knight and Page and French style pips 1-10, as well as 21 trump cards that have 2 pictorial images of everyday life on each of the cards plus one unnamed card, known in tarot as the Fool. Read the royalty and pips as regular playing cards, or supplement your reading with the trumps.

Like the Marseille Tarot, the Bourgeois Tarot or Tarock of the 1800s was a card game. This pack was published in Germany by the Wüst publishing company. The game later became a 54-card pack but this one is complete with all 78 cards with the full complement of royalty and French pips.

Also, like the Marseille style tarot, the trumps in the Bourgeois Tarot that was produced by other companies at the time remained similarly illustrated. Some of the themes of the Bourgeois Tarot cards are similar to the Minchiate cards in that there are 4 ages and 4 elements. There are also 4 seasons, 4 times of day and 4 activities. And an unnamed card representing the Fool.

The illustrations on each of the cards show similar but contrasting themes, for example in card #2 with the theme of childhood, one side shows boys playing at being soldiers, while the opposite show girls playing in a park. Card #3 with the theme of youth shows young men, one a soldier, eyeing young ladies nearby while on the flip side the young ladies can be seen gossiping with one stealing a look at a young man nearby. And Card #4 shows the transition to maturity and responsibility with a man at a work with a youthful helper and on the flip side of this image shows a young mother caring for her children.

The cards representing the four times of day each has illustrations of city and country life. For example, card #7 shows farmers who have been working in the fields taking a lunch break while the opposite portrays a man and woman having a leisurely conversation of a divan.

The springtime theme of card #16 shows the necessary sheep shearing by the country folk, while the opposite shows two people working at a garden plot with people in the dress of the city looking on.

It is printed on tarot card size, 2-3/4" x 4-3/4".premium smooth, black core card stock and comes in a tuck box.

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